Jean Philippe Nicolai (born 1941, Amsterdam), is sculptor and painter. He lives and works in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands.

He has exhibited his works since 2006 in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom: 

2006 – University Medical Center (s), Groningen, the Netherlands

2007 – Galerie Needien (s), Neede, the Netherlands; La Magnanerie East Wing (s+p), Pailhas, France (solo); Macadamhoeve (s), Beerta, the Netherlands; Library University Medical center (s+p)  Amsterdam, the Netherlands; 

2008 – Château de la Follie (s), Ecaussinnes, Belgium; Macadamhoeve (s), Beerta, the Netherlands; Hotel Egbertsduin (s+p), Schiermonnikoog (solo), the Netherlands;            - Domus Medica (p), Utrecht, the Netherlands (solo)

2009 – A.v.L.hospital (s), Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Kunstkerk (s), Amsterdam; Macadamhoeve (s), Beerta, the Netherlands

2010 – Domus Medica (s), Utrecht, the Netherlands; Hospital Group Twente (s), Hengelo (O.), the Netherlands; Macadamhoeve (s+p), Beerta, the Netherlands; Dentists Group Rivierenbuurt (s+p), Groningen, the Netherlands; Medical Art Society (s+p), London, U.K.

2011 – Hogeschool van Amsterdam (s+p), Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Medical center (s), Alkmaar, the Netherlands; Macadamhoeve (s+p), Beerta, the netherlands (solo);            - Stichting Borg Verhildersum (s), Leens (Gr.), the Netherlands;

2012 – Kunstlievend genootschap Pictura (s+p) Groningen; Martinihospital (p), Groningen, the Netherlands; Kunstroute (s+p), Bilthoven, the Netherlands; Medical Center (s)                                     Meppel, the Netherlands; Public Library (s+p), Groningen, the Netherlands; Langoed Borg Verhildersum (s), Leens, the Netherlands; Galerie Waarkunst (s), ’t Waar (Gr.), the Netherlands;

2013 – BovenIJ-hospital (s), Amsterdam, the Netherlands; “Chez lui, chez elle” (s), Chambéry, France (solo); Domus Medica (s), Utrecht, the Netherlands 

s = sculptures

p = paintings


Nicolai started working in green serpentine, black spring stone and opal serpentine. Later he also worked in sandstone, (Carrara) marble, blue alabaster and translucent white alabaster from Spain and Italy, red Minervois marble from southern France, black marble from the Pyrenees, and steatite.



The paintings that Jean-Philippe makes have bright colors. They are made with oil or acrylic paint on canvas, paper, wood panel or – rarely – on stone. Nicolai’s paintings fit in several categories, such as surrealist dreamscapes, condensing images, musings on death and finality, and pure abstracts.